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i'm abby. chloe is my cat. she has a lot of feelings and likes to express them by stomping and yowling and flopping on my bed making extremely teenaged sighs. i also have a lot of feelings, but i express them by reblogging a lot of things!
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mine is 46 out of 100. Could be better but could be worse

85 out of 100! Fuck yeah Olympia.

49. Huh, figured it’d be less. Then again, the new commercial district of the town is down the street from me, so with the way they rate it, that figures.

100 out of 100. Hell yes, city living.

lol 32. I’m surprised it’s even that high, tbh.

where i grew up:  45

old apartment:  75

current apartment:  91

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    63/100 decent :)
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    haha, my parents house in CT is a 0. Expected but still awful. My Tuscaloosa residence is a 48, so not bad, but it is a...
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    72/100 And this is why I’m a city girl. Everything is within walking or biking distance. I still dislike Newark though.
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    Hmmmm.. 8/100 FAIL.
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    my apartment next semester is a 66 (somewhat walkable). i wont mind living in a predominantly mexican neighborhood just...
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    83/100 too bad my parents think I’ll get kidnapped if I even attempt walking somewhere :1
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    11. trolololol
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    HAHA my house got a straight 0. awesome. town of berlin (if you live very close to farmington ave) got a 52, and my old...
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    school: 92 big fat 0 LET’S GO CHARLOTTESVILLE
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    Shan I got a 95 when I checked Clay st! And an 85 at my new place which I think is weird? I feel like I will walk more...
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    handsome woman (posting after my first night here) is a 60. my old houses were a 35 and a 20 respectively. this is cool!
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    Downtown New Haven is a 94, my own house is 71. Ain’t bad.
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    moving from a 58 to a 97! woo!!!
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    97 out of 100 in Baltimore. 100 out of 100 in NYC. i love city life!
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    where I grew up: 49 where I lived in high school: 87 my college apartment: 18 where I live now: 57
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    80…if we didn’t have cars, we walked EVERY WHERE
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    73/100. “Very walkable.” One of the reasons why I chose this area.
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    45. And it turns out I’ve been taking the long way home every day. Fuck.
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    53. Somewhat walkable. WELL.
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    65,somewhat walkable.Hmm it’s not that bad.
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    97, woo! I’m just confused as to why it’s not 100…I can walk everywhere!
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    60 :D
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    83 for Walla Walla! Nice! In other news, I am sicky sicky sicky in California. Presentation on It Gets Better went great...
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    91 (for where I live at home, not at school— school got a 54, but that’s just because the village is so damn tiny)!...
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    90. Because I live in the middle of ~hipster central.
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    My neighborhood in Seattle was a 95. Where I live now is an 18. It chafes.
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    75/100 Our place is pretty cool here in SF. Lots of restaurants and stuff. Also MUNI is nearly right out our doorstep....
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    40%. I’m kind of surprised it’s not higher, but then there really isn’t terribly much, nor is there a lot of sidewalks...
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    Well, my school address got a score of 48. But back home? 28. And UMKC? 80. :] I can’t WAIT till this fall! :]
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    15 out of 100. Believable I guess.
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    where i grew up: 45 old apartment: 75 current apartment: 91
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    78 (at school) - Yup, a lot of things are within walking distance 9 (at home) - Hahaha….ha….
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    48 :)
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    43. meh
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    0/100. Bahahaha, I figured.
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    52 woot
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    Well this is depressing. My town has a 94, but my neighborhood has a 49. Hooray for living near the highway :/
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    Muncie (ie, Ball State) is 69 *giggles*, Clarksville (home) is 46, and Louisville (may as well be home |D) is 86. o7...